Funding. Lack of financial support from institutions means that we are forced to ask you for a very small contribution of only 15 euros, which you can send us in one of the ways described at the end of this letter. We ask you not to delay (or, worse, to forget) this payment: your contribution will help to cover part of the immediate costs (and particularly some of the fixed editorial costs).

Cost of the volumes for authors. This contribution will not allow us to send you a paper copy; if you would like to purchase one or more of the volumes we have arranged a price of 25 euros per volume for authors, a price that is below cost.

Cost for subscribers. To cover our costs we need a number of subscribers to the tabula gratulatoria, for whom we have arranged a price of 50 euros per volume, the best price we are able to negotiate. Subscription to even one volume will entitle subscribers to appear in the tabula gratulatoriaWe ask for your help in getting subscribers to one or more volumes – please urge friends, colleagues, university institutes, research institutes, libraries, cultural associations and bodies to consider this. We attach the invitation to subscribe, and ask that you circulate it via your address books and websites to which you have access. Your collaboration is essential, and we thank you in advance for your help.

Methods of payment. Contributions can be sent by direct payment to one of the members of the editorial committee (; or by bank transfer to the Associazione culturale Reti Medievali, Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara, Piazza Nogara 2, 37121 Verona (IBAN: IT34 R 05034 11750 000000164505, SWIFT code: BAPPIT21001), stating the reason for the payment; or by credit card via the safe website of Paypal (, stating the reason for the payment.



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